• We’ve tried 3 different cleaners. This is in NW England, village near a town. My wife has EDS and is often not well. We have two kids and the level of tidiness varied quite a lot. Sometimes we needed a help with basic tidying, putting stuff away and quick hoover. Deeper cleaning got done when we were more on top of things or on holiday. 2-3hrs a…[Read more]

  • Our local food bank were on the radio before Christmas saying it was lovely to receive things that were not staple foods as they receive tons of baked beans and pasta but not the “nice to have” stuff – worth trying a different food bank.

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    Try some heel cups (they fit in most shoes) and bear in mind the reason they relieve it is because you are shortening the muscles and tendons so taking the strain off, long term this can affect calf length and cause further issues. Try to find out WHY you have it and fix the source not the result if you can. I def suggest you go see a physio.

  • Hello,

    Not sure where to start, so I’ll just jump right in. I’ve somewhat been wanting to play spades online; however, I’m wondering if I do try will that count as a relaspe?

    I have played this game before my recovery but never really for long periods of time. If I do try it and I notice that there will be a problem and stop (before binge…[Read more]

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