• My mother was a cleaner all her adult life, mainly in offices, but also in “posh people’s houses”.

    She was bloody good at it too, most of our Xmas presents came out of her “Xmas box” tips.

    She was horrified when, as a “DINKY” couple, we got a cleaner in.

  • Our cleaner is great. She visits twice a month for 2hrs at a time to keep on top of the bigger jobs and does a great job. Definitely makes keeping on top of it easier in between her visits.

    We pay £15 per hour.

    In our experience, getting a cleaner is easy. Getting a good one you can trust isn’t. As such, if you have friends or family that use a…[Read more]

  • We give ours a bit over the going rate – £10 an hour for three hours. Also write down what you want done, don’t expect the cleaner to be a mind reader.

  • My parents used to use a cleaner because Dad has a long commute and Mum had some health issues. The costs above sound about on a par with what they were paying. They thought it was well worth it but they did describe a couple of quirks about it.

    One cleaner they had was very short. She worked under some kind of outfit and her contract didn’t…[Read more]

  • I’d say if you don’t have kids as long as you don’t have fur shedding pets 2 hours once a fortnight would probably be about right. 2 hours once a week if leaving the hoovering for 2 weeks would bother you.

    Could you try asking your cleaner at work if they want an extra little job?

    You need to decide if you are happy for someone to have a key or not.

  • We’ve tried 3 different cleaners. This is in NW England, village near a town. My wife has EDS and is often not well. We have two kids and the level of tidiness varied quite a lot. Sometimes we needed a help with basic tidying, putting stuff away and quick hoover. Deeper cleaning got done when we were more on top of things or on holiday. 2-3hrs a…[Read more]

  • I live on my own, and I don’t enjoy housework, although I love cooking, so I took on a cleaner about 4 years ago who comes once a week. She cleans and dusts throughout my 2 floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat. She cleans the bathroom fittings (bath, shower, wasbasins and toilets, and hoovers the carpets and washes the bathroom and kitchen floors.…[Read more]

  • I have a cleaner and it’s a massive expense.
    Cost me an engagement and wedding ring, food, holidays, clothes, presents, more shoes than one person can wear in a lifetime, jewelry.

    A couple of friends of mine had a cleaner but they were that scruffy they actually cleaned up before the cleaner came round because they didn’t want anyone thinking…[Read more]

  • Put an advert in the local shop window. Talk to any applicants about what they think they can do in a certain time frame and how much they might charge.

    (We have a cleaner. Its me!)

  • Anyone got a cleaner?
    So me and my fiancé bought a house together two years ago, and we’ve come to the conclusion…. we’re both terrible at cleaning!

    We’ve got no kids and work shifts, so like to make the most of our time together and that doesn’t involve cleaning.

    So we’re going to hire in a cleaner.
    Ideally we’d want them to clean and ho…[Read more]

  • @dave True. However Jennings is still brewed in Cockermouth using the same water, equipment, ingredients and staff. (Although it was brewed elsewhere post flooding until the brewery and borehole were decontaminated). Not sure about the others. So although it is a megacorp it’s not all churned out in the same chemical plant and labelled differently…[Read more]

  • Terry’s chocolate orange are now owned by Mondelez. Not had a choccy orange since they moved production from York to Poland.

  • HP sauce made in Holland is the obvious one

    Beer gets a bit depressing for this. For instance, I sometimes wonder how many of the people buying the Tesco “classic ales” boxes know that the brands included (Marstons Pedigree, Hobgoblin, Thwaites Lancaster Bomber, Ringwood Razor Back, Brakspeare Bitter, Jennings Cumberland Ale) are all actually…[Read more]

  • OK I get there has to be big companies, after all I work for one!

    But the food and drink sector seems worse than most for the big boys gobbling up the small fry and then stripping the brands right out of them.

    Not a shock move as Unilever bought them back in 1995, but now no more Colemans made in Norwich after over 100 years. Sad.

    The one that…[Read more]

  • @janey Sure, sometimes Amazon is the best or even the only option to buy from.

    The Dead Kennedys had it right many years ago: Give Us Convenience or Give Us Death.

    We as customers put up with sacrificing our privacy, depriving ourselves of a selection of vendors, thereby shifting the economic balance of power to the remaining vendors, all in the…[Read more]

  • Even doing your homework doesn’t help anymore because all the research in the world counts for naught if all the information is false, anyway.

    @janey Yes, Amazon runs the biggest affiliate scheme in the world. The internet now just seems littered with fake/disingenuous reviews bigging up amazon products to get you to buy from amazon through…[Read more]

  • @karen Although I generally agree with your idea, good luck trying to buy this PC hardware from a local store. The part I was after was rather niche and very specific and not available from the other two online suppliers that I normally use: CyberPort.de and CaseKing.de. Amazon were the only option and had it IN STOCK, eligible for Prime shipping…[Read more]

  • Amazon are generally shit, whether you look at it from a taxpaying citizens POV, an employees POV, or from their treatment of customers.

    I therefore largely use their website as a search engine to see what is out there, and will then try to source books or other new items from a local store (with the one exception of used music CDs, where…[Read more]

  • I called Amazon, this morning, and they told me that the package was out for delivery (with DHL Express, not DPD) and would be delivered, today. It was not delivered.

    Later, I received an email from Amazon saying that DHL reported that they tried to deliver the package and failed. This was clearly rubbish because I was in the office for the whole…[Read more]

  • @fi @sarah do you both work for amazon or something you are shilling like mad as though amazon can do no wrong? Weirdos.

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