• Yes, I am sure that I’ve inherited my autism (Asperger’s), because when I was diagnosed, it became evident that e.g. there probably is some older relatives on my mother’s side, who most likely would have been diagnosed with autism, if they had been born today. But I’m thinking that it can be more than one recessive gene involved. My mother have…[Read more]

  • There is definitely a genetic component to autism and other comorbid conditions.

    As an aside, autism in girls/women is underdiagnosed as they can present very differently to boys and often ‘mask’ better in social situations so tend to fly under the radar.

  • Yes, they have identified some of the genetic components, but certainly not all.

    I’d strongly suspect that these days my Gran would get a diagnosis, and my mum has a lot of traits but probably not diagnosable, her youngest sister is certainly a possibility too.

    With regards to this also me and my husband have talked about starting our own…[Read more]

  • I think the research is such that certain genes predispose a child to autism, so if you have a son then there is a chance he could develop as autistic somewhere on the spectrum

    I am “high functioning” ASD, diagnosed as a 13-year-old and again in my 40’s with a more “constructive” approach than back in the early 70’s when you were basically…[Read more]

  • I know of one family with 5 siblings (2 fathers), four are boys and all have learning difficulties and are on the autistic spectrum, the one girl has no problems. Given that there are two fathers it would appear that there is a genetic link on the mother’s side.

  • Yes autism is genetic as traits are exhibited at ages too young to have been learned and the autistic spectrum is wide and encompasses almost unnoticeable behaviour traits to very noticeable and sometimes challenging behaviours. Why not get in touch with one of the specialist autism groups and ask for their input/research.

  • so my husband is 1 of 4 boys.

    all 4 boys have children.

    David the oldest has 1 daughter and 1 son – son has 2 types of ADHA and is on the Autism scale

    Jim has 1 son and twin girls – son is very high of Autism scale and can be hard to communicate with

    Kevin has 1 daughter – no issues that are known

    husband had twin boys (one sadly passed…[Read more]

  • @don Thanks! gp referred me onto senior consultant at rheumatology as soon as Bloods/xrays ruled out arthritis etc. Said she was out of her depth and didn’t know much about connective tissue disorders (by this point we had tried anti inflammatories etc and that just got rid of the tiny bit of swelling holding my joints in so I was literally…[Read more]

  • @tessa lets look at the positives, you actually got a diagnosis in the UK of EDS and POTS….. thats pretty good going! Most of us get shrugged off as hypermobile at best or hypochondriacs at worst. At least you have the label needed to get you through the doors for help.

    It is daunting and what IVe found is there are a lot of autoimmune…[Read more]

  • So sorry you are having such a dreadful time. That’s a lot to be dealing with at your age. I found myself in a very similar situation at a young age- I became very unwell at the age of 11 and never fully recovered. I’m now 33 and was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that they believe had been the cause of everything all along. My…[Read more]

  • @Shirl The mental parts are often the worse, I thank the meningitis etc for curing my extreme anxiety and agoraphobia. Slightly too fearless now and rarely anxious apart from about my health… I joke with the OH about him needing a plan for a plan, but I’m probably worse, I just internalise it rather than saying it out loud. Hopefully have plans…[Read more]

  • You’ve been through a hell of a lot – and seem to have done very well dealing with it so far.

    I haven’t been through anything anywhere near similar but have had mental health issues for the last 40 years that finally got diagnosed as bipolar disorder last year. What I can say is that knowing what the problem is, is half the battle. Once it has a…[Read more]

  • The last year or so, I’ve hit a brick wall with my physical health.
    I’m 23, have had previously meningitis and enchephalitis at 16, lots of issues at that time resulting in a long period of issues finally diagnosed as vestibular migraines caused by various foods etc migraine diet sorted the majority of those issues and for a while life was good. I…[Read more]

  • bella replied to the topic Raynaud's in feet only in the forum General chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    I have raynauds and when out in the cold, I have to keep on the move constantly, my hands turn totally white , then purple/yellow, and I’m all purple and white from the waist down The only thing that works for me is going for a run, and I calculated that it takes 1km of running to open up my circulation again, which is a drag every time it cuts…[Read more]

  • nelly replied to the topic Raynaud's in feet only in the forum General chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    I suffered terribly when playing netball in winter. I’d get to the 3rd quarter and I could barely catch the ball!! My hands are awful, more so than my feet. I don’t bother taking anything for it but ginkgo biloba is supposed to help symptoms.

    I find my main difficulty is changing rugs/doing up buckles, I just about managed to put a bridle on the…[Read more]

  • sandra replied to the topic Raynaud's in feet only in the forum General chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    I have Raynauds – but only in my hands. My feet do get very cold in winter but I don’t suffer the white tissue colour followed by the pain and the blue black colour as they come back to life. I’ve never been formally diagnosed, mainly because the only treatment seems to be tablets which make the whole of your body hot and, as I’m in my fifties, I…[Read more]

  • I have raging arthritis and Raynauds is related – my feet are either like solid blocks, cold and painful or boiling hot and painful but don’t change colour that much though the left one still shows the injury that broke it forty years ago. My wife has been tested for Raynauds though she hardly needed it when her hands turn blue in the summer!

    Get…[Read more]

  • Is it important to get a formal diagnosis of whether or not you have Raynaud’s? I’ve had very cold feet all my life, all year round and usually chilblains during the winter but this winter it’s a first for no chilblains at all (so far) but this winter what is different is that the front half of my feet are like ice blocks by the end of the day…[Read more]

  • One aspect of RTB that is often overlooked is that it allowed families who had probably never owned property, had rented and thus had never been able, to pass assets down their generations.

    It allowed them to generate a small amount of wealth that could be passed to their children.

    One thing that very much demarcates class in the this country…[Read more]

  • No. Right to buy is fine in principle. People who have paid rent for a long time getting the ability to buy the house. It’s more like a state supported long term mortgage.

    What is wrong is councils not maintaining a stock of social housing and not keeping the house prices low.

    Think about how land becomes houses. It starts as land. It has little…[Read more]

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