I recently started searching on bing I when I was searching I noticed that their was a number 6 floating around in red on the tool bar.

“6 what?” I thought to myself.

I clicked it and turns out I notched up 6 reward points just for searching with bing (I wasn’t using it for very long at all, probably just searched for 6 things)! With these reward points apparently when you get so many you can redeem them for rewards such as gift vouchers and even windows tablets. Hmmm Google doesn’t have a reward system plus I like bings results better anyway I just use google out of habit really.

So from now on im using bing!!!!! Its gonna bing me some rewards hopefully!

Here is a link:


If you don’t like rewards apparently you can donate to charity instead!!!

(You must be signed up to bing to get points and rewards )


Iv recently visited London. London wasn’t the best place iv ever been it was meh… In my opinion London isn’t the best city in England (prefer Manchester more) to me whilst I was there it just seemed as though the people around London were always looking down on you and London was  missing something. Character maybe? You may argue that London does have character but it just seems contrived and made up for the tourists. Anyway whilst I was there I noticed just how much graffiti there was on seemingly every other wall. Some of it was plain pointless and didn’t mean anything but you did get a few that actually looked pretty good..  I didn’t get to spot any Banksy art anywhere… mind you a lot of his work gets ripped up and sold for millions in art galleries now.

It doesn’t say a lot for London that the only good thing to say about the place is that it has some nice graffiti.

Anyway what are your thoughts…. Is graffiti really vandalism?

So I run another blog which is about D.I.Y and home improvements however for some reason (because they are just really pathetic sad people) I have been getting a huge amount of abusive comments telling me things like “Your content sucks!” “You suck!! “you are  pathetic person!”. Yesterday I answered back to one of the many trolls and got into a little argument… ON MY OWN WEBSITE!

The troll started the whole argument off by telling me that

“Why are you still here.. your diy sucks you are bland and you have no talent!”

I responded saying

“Go away and get a life you stupid saddo!”

I quickly got a response

“Seriously how old are you? Your posts are rubbish”

Another troll then joined in…

“The truth hurts doesn’t it! We dont want you here stop blogging!”

I responded quite angrily telling them that


The first troll quickly added like all trolls do that my grammar is terrible and they went further and told me…

“Your grammar is appalling. You are either really stupid and a youngster or you are mentally retarded.”

Which goes to  show how disgusting their personalty is by casually using mental illness as a insult.

I replied

“If you think you are talking to a youngster or some one with mental health problems what sort of person does that make you? Your not a very nice person are you?”

They then rambled on for about telling me how I have no personality and finally they ended by threatening me by saying

“You will get whats coming to you!”

So they believe that I am a youngster or have a mental illness and decided to threaten me… LOL!

So far on this blog I have received around 140 comments 100 of those comments have been insulting and abusive towards me. Some people really need to find a life rather than spending or their time trolling on other peoples blogs.

Guess what? Iv added a forum to this site! After a couple problems here and there I have finally cracked it. I decided to start a forum here at SuburbanBliss because I’m sure some of you are sick of me ranting on all the time and want your say… well you can! There is no a set topic to the forum, its just a there for you guys to have a good natter or for you to let off some steam!

You will need an account here on Sb which you can get here.

Once your account has been approved you can get chatting!

If you find any bugs let me know and I will try my best to fix them or if you have any suggestions to improve the forum let me know.


Firstly I would like to apologize if you have made a comment on this blog and I haven’t approved it, it is because im getting a lot of spam.

WordPress is really good for blogging but not very good at stopping spam comments from getting through. These last couple of days I have had hundreds of imaginary people commenting telling me…

“Every weekend i used to go to see this web page,
because i wish for enjoyment, as this this web page conations really pleasant funny
data too.”

Oh thank you mr make money blogging.

Any other bloggers got any tips to stop this from happening? As all of this is making things quite impossible for me to actually approve the real comments.

I have managed to put the stoppers on the spammers for the moment as I have added WP No bot question plugin the annoying thing is that people have to fill out a quick question each time they want to comment (the answer is bliss by the way). Oh if you are going to be installing anti spam plugins on your own WordPress blogs its best to get regularly updated, secure and trusted plugins used by lots of other people as one day you might wake up and check your blog only to find it has been hacked and replaced by a ugg boots shop (this happened to one of my friends).



I am just posting this to help others who are in the same boat so to speak as me, by posting a couple things I now know and wished I knew before. So I hope this helps you guys.

All for sorry for me! I have always tried looking after my body by keeping active and doing regular exercise however I have recently started getting some real aches and pains in my left knee. I have been to see a doctor for some help and I have been diagnosed with Patellar Tendonitis and this injury is because I am so active! Tendonitis is a condition that is caused by simply using your knees too much and too vigorously which creates small holes and tears weakening the Patella tendon found in your knee cap. Over time these small holes and tears with more and more use get bigger and bigger further weakening the tendon even more.

Please dont use Patellar Tendonitis as an excuse not to use your legs lol…. here are some of things I have been doing to get over this knee problem of mine…

Even though I have always known the importance of stretching before I exercise I never really did enough only a couple minutes warm up before exercise.. now however I make sure my body and particularly my legs are fully stretched before anything. I also do warm down stretches to stop cramp afterwards (even if I do feel like just collapsing on the sofa and getting some much deserved snooze time).

I wear a knee support now (I like this site the best…, maybe it is just the cool logo they have or the fact the supports are pretty decent there out of all the ones I have tried.) I never got the point of wearing one till now! Just thought they were more of a placebo than anything else but I was wrong they actually do work. Though be careful, some of the ones you can buy can do more damage than good.. it is always best to get a few and try them out then simply settling for a rubbish one. Also there are sites out there just trying to rip you of with cheap tat ones that dont do anything. Knee supports help keep the positioning and form of your knee when running, jumping or whatever else your doing correct and help through compression keep your muscles balanced and reduce the stress and strain on your knees which stops these holes an tears developing or getting worse.

If you are suffering from knee tendonitis like me buying some sport shock absorbing insoles can be a great idea too! As shocks can wear down the patellar tendon and cause these holes and tears… so stopping the shock is so important. Plus insoles can help protect your feet from damage and pressure to so you less likely to have foot pain and cramp when running which is a bonus!

Squats. When you think of squats you think of heavy body builders with huge weight on their backs.. bulging veins and blood shot eyes.Thats not me. I do body weight squats which are a lot easier to do and can help strengthen your knees. All you have to do is squat up and down.. may easy but trust me if you try to do 3 sets of 50 you will soon feel the burn. I have found squats really have helped the best by straightening up my knees!

There are also other exercises you can do to help with your flexibility and warding off knee pain like using resistance bands.. I will post about them later on!




In my last post (the BBQ pork ribs recipe), I promised the vegetarians a good recipe as an apology (haha). Well maybe this one isn’t the most healthiest but I guess vegetarians can eat it (im still yet to think of something) and it is so yummy so you cannot complain. Its TOFFEE POPCORN!

Did you know people have been snacking on popcorn since 4700 BC

Recently I bought myself a popcorn machine which was around $30 dont ask me what sore it was from as I just cannot remember. The reason why I bought it was so that I could have popcorn on demand whenever I wanted… for some odd reason I assumed the popcorn would have toffee already on it magically just like the popcorn you buy in the shops…. It took me a couple months after getting bored of plain old popcorn to finally find out how you actually make the proper toffee popcorn!

So after numerous messy attempt this is the best way I found of making your own toffee popcorn…. It so easy I wouldn’t eve call this a recipe.

There is me thinking that making toffee popcorn was really complicated but all you have to do is:


  • some kernels to make your popcorn
  • 450g brown sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 7 table spoons of golden syrup
  • half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Put the kernels in the oven at around 120 degrees.. wait a while until your kernel have popped… or you can simply use a popcorn machine like me.

Get a saucepan and on medium heat melt butter, whilst stirring in golden syrup, brown sugar and a little bit of salt. Keep on stirring until it starts boiling.. once it has started boiling you should stop stirring and leave it to boil for 4 whole minutes. After that you should take it off the hob and add in vanilla extract and bicarbonate of soda to the concoction. Stir in the vanilla and bicarbonate of soda until they are both mixed in you, then simply pour the toffee over the popcorn and using your spoon mix it in.

The toffee should quickly harden onto the popcorn… It is also good idea to rinse the pots and spoons you have used to make the toffee before it sets with warm water otherwise it is a nightmare to clean.

(Making your own popcorn is meant to be 10x cheaper than buying a bag)

What you should end up with

The finished product!

(Sorry for all of you vegetarians out there, I will make it up to you all by posting a really good vegetarian dish soon.)

Seeing as it is BBQ season I thought I would share this great recipe for some amazing BBQ finger licking ribs (Trust me when I say this is so easy to make!).

First what you need to do with your ribs (I always buy 2 slabs of pork spare ribs) is simply rub the dry ingredients thoroughly into the rubs.

Making the BBQ sauce for your ribs is really simple.
You can choose to buy premade BBQ sauce form the shops or you can make your own by mixing up some ingredients in a pot. To do this mix up 2 table spoons of vegetable oil together with tomato paste, half  cup of brown sugar, vinegar, some Cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, some sliced up onions and 3 cups of water. (It is always best to use your own judgement to get the best BBQ sauce!).

Dry rub
Rub Brown sugar, cayenne paprika, dry mustard, garlic powder and not forgetting salt and pepper onto the ribs. Once you have rubbed in all your dry ingredients onto your ribs you need to then let it rest for around 2hours or even all night so the flavors can really leach into them ribs.

Cooking the ribs should be done by placing them on the grill which should be heated to 225 degrees with medium hot coals meat side down (ALWAYS). Make sure that you leave the ribs to cook for at least 1 hour and then you should start thinking about turning them and basting on your BBQ sauce every 30 minutes or so after that. Cook them for about 3 hours!
If your not cooking them with the grill but an oven then it is almost the same process however you will be wrapping them in foil instead and you must heat your oven to 350 degrees. With the foil over the ribs you only take it off the foil after 1hour of cooking to put more BBQ sauce on the ribs and to turn them over ever 30 minutes.

If cooked right your rib meat should effortlessly peel off the bone.

Nothing beats a good barbeque rib at a BBQ.



I am back on the blogging scene here on suburbanbliss… after a long time being a way with rusty grammar, I have decided to get back into blogging again and thought I would resurrect suburbanbliss from the internet abyss (And unlike last time where I hosted my blogs on a rather expensive hosts I have dumped this blog this time on godaddy WordPress hosting.. wow its cheap but good!).

So its 2014 now. I dont like the fact that time slips away so quickly… 10 years ago it was 2004.. whats that all about? eeek

I hope to be blogging again soon.. my life is pretty busy at the moment and at times just feels like a constant struggle to survive.. I will be blogging about all of that soon! So stay tuned… but first I need to sort out my blog design again which may take me quite a long time.

(Well that only took a couple of hours to get my blog design just how I like it, comment below if you like it too.)